Our SMS Manager software enables you to send and receive SMS over SMPP protocol through a configurable user-friendly interface.

Information Communication Venture Private Limited (ICVPL) offers an innovative SMS Manager software, designed to streamline and enhance your communication strategies through SMS. This powerful tool utilizes the Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol, ensuring reliable and efficient message delivery. Here are six standout features of the SMS Manager software:


Making it effortlessly adaptable to meet the unique needs of different users, ensuring ease of use and efficiency in managing bulk SMS campaigns or two-way messaging.


The software supports SMPP protocol integration for reliable messaging directly with SMS centers, enhancing connectivity and delivery rates.


it comes equipped with advanced management tools, including detailed analytics for real-time tracking, contact list organization, and automated responses, facilitating effective communication strategies and operational efficiency in one comprehensive package.

User-Friendly Interface

The SMS Manager software boasts a configurable, intuitive interface that simplifies the complexity of SMS communications. Users can easily navigate through various functionalities, making it accessible for both technical and non-technical staff to efficiently manage SMS campaigns and communications.

Advanced Sending Capabilities

Users can send SMS messages to individuals or bulk lists with just a few clicks. The software supports message personalization and template use, enabling targeted communications that resonate with recipients. This feature is essential for marketing campaigns, alerts, and informational broadcasts.

Comprehensive Receiving Options

The software is equipped to receive SMS messages efficiently, allowing businesses to facilitate two-way communication with their audience. This feature is crucial for engaging customers, receiving feedback, and conducting SMS-based inquiries or polls.

Automated Processing

With built-in automation capabilities, the SMS Manager can process incoming messages based on predefined rules. This includes auto-responding to common queries, sorting messages into categories, and flagging important messages for immediate attention, streamlining communication workflows.

Efficient Recipient Management

The software includes a robust recipient management system, enabling users to organize contacts into groups, import contact lists, and manage subscriptions. This ensures messages reach the intended audience and comply with data protection regulations.

Dynamic Content Management

Users can create, store, and manage message content within the software. This includes drafting templates, customizing messages with dynamic fields, and scheduling content for future delivery. This feature supports consistent, high-quality communication that can be tailored to specific events or recipient actions.